My work centers around the dissonance of finding abstraction within intense realism. Windows allow the opportunity to explore organic shapes caused by reflections while structure frames them. Intuitive marks and a romantic approach to color is contrasted by an obsession with balance, order, and rules, reflecting the ongoing competition between idealism and realism.

Where to see my work

-Casco Bay Artisans Gallery, Portland, Maine


-Devta Doolan, Deer Isle, Maine, Summer 2018

-River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta, Maine, July 14-August 11, 2017

-Juried show at MacPage LLC, May-November 2017

-University of Massachusetts Amherst “Book Ends” Alumni Show, March- April 2017

-The Good Table Restaurant, Cape Elizabeth, September-October 2016 and January-March 2017

-Collaborative Aggregates, Warner Babcock Center for Green Chemistry, March 2016

-Arabica Café, Portland, fall 2015-August 2016

Contact me at

At Casco Artisan Gallery in Portland, Maine

At Casco Artisan Gallery in Portland, Maine